Six Tips To Make An Excellent Real Estate Investment

The real estate assets are an attractive alternative to investing. A survey of general fund managers (AGF) indicates that 82% of them expect to spend 10% more in this sector during this year, compared to 2017.

Office or housing ?: The leasing of small offices is very subject to the performance of the economy of the country, which does not happen in the case of house. For its part, offices and warehouses cannot be purchased with mortgage credit, which is a disadvantage.

Where : it is recommended that the house be close to the subway and located in emerging districts such as Santiago, San Miguel, Macul and La Florida, where you can get a return of 6 to 7%. Ideally, you have to look for properties in the city where you live, because it is easier to manage them.

Small apartment: apartments are rented faster than houses. I hope it is a bedroom and a bathroom or two bedrooms of equal size, each with en-suite bathroom. It is not recommended to buy larger apartments to invest, because they are oriented to family use and, therefore, their wear is more significant.

New or used? : it is best to buy used, but with less than five years, to continue having a guarantee. When used, the price can be better negotiated, and the real value of current contributions and expenses can be known. The other advantage is that you can lease and start receiving income immediately. It is only recommended to buy in green or white if you can not access a mortgage or you need time to save your foot.

Height does matter: it is recommended to choose a floor that is not too low or high, ideally between levels 3 and 10. Those below have safety and vision issues, while those on the top floor can have leaked from the ceiling. Orientation, meanwhile, is not so relevant. Hopefully, it is not west because it gets a lot of sun in the afternoon, but the most necessary thing is to choose a location that avoids noise and does not give directly to a highway.

Quality of construction: the terminations are essential. It is valued that the windows are made of PVC with thermopane, that the floor is made of porcelain or floating and that it has its connection to the washing machine. The idea is that the hot water is by heating or boiler and not by thermos. It influences in his valuation that has a warehouse and that the common spaces have proper maintenance.

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